VIP Backstage Experience

Activity diary before, during, and after an event for VIP ticket holders.

Highly Interactive

Audience can access behind the scenes, switch views in an instant, and even ask questions of the artists and support team

Simple & Reliable Technology

Plug and play software, making it easy to track all the on-stage action, through to the backstage buzz


Truly Live - Truly Connected

Truly Live is a state of the art streaming platform providing unprecedented quality, connection and interaction during live events.

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VIP Ticket Holder Experience

  • Truly Connected - Creating a highly interactive and engaging experience. Providing access to events in new and creative ways.

    Re imagining the event experience for both artists and audience members, this is an event experience solution built to change the face of virtual and in person events, consider this live streaming reinvented.
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    For audience

    Enjoy the concert, their way
    Bring the magic of a truly live show into your their house, let them customise the experience just how they want it.

    Interactive live with their favourite artists
    With two way video and text interaction the connection between audience and performer is stronger than ever before.

    Enjoy the experience weeks or even months before the show
    The Truly Live experience starts the moment an audience member purchases a ticket, watch bespoke artist and crew interviews/ content leading up to the show.

    Choose their ticket level
    We offer several levels of ticket prices for each show, all tickets include the option to livetime swtich your viewing angle, text interaction and support.

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    For audience at home or in person

    Enhance the experience of a live ‘in person’ event with Truly Live digital content.

  • Backstage access - Behind the curtain views of rehearsals, show preparation and VIP meet & greet.

  • Never sold out - No ticket limits here.

  • No travel? no problem - Get the experience from the comfort of the home or on the go.

  • Diary of activities - A Truly Live events starts the moment a ticket is purchased, regardless of wether the show itself will be viewed in person or remote.

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    For artists

    Enhanced interaction and connectivity
    Bring the magic of a truly live show into your house, customise the experience just how you want it.

    Absolute Control
    100% control of what you share, who you share it with, and when you share it. It’s your show, and this is your tech solution.

    Push the Limits -
    Freedom from venue capacity limits. Event and merchandise earnings extend way beyond in-person ticket sales.

    Enjoy a powerful new revenue stream
    Varying ticket price points for consumer choice of experience; from enhanced performance-only viewing to full back stage access VIP.

    Built by Musicians For Musicians

    We’ve been there and understand the world of artists and venues. We want to make it better.

    Truly Live - VIP Experience

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    Ticket purchase

    Choose the ticket level that suits you

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    V.I.P. Welcome

    A warm welcome to he event from our concert host

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    Backstage access

    Feel the buzz of the show prepration

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    Charity Auctions

    Help fund a great cause


    Competitions & Prizes

    Have some fun with fellow fans

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    Personalised merchandise

    A tangible keepsake from the concert

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    Interview with artist

    Connect with the musicians making the show

    asset 12.jpeg

    Backstage updates, competitions, auctions and merchandise

    Access to areas of a concert never seen before

    Live Show

    truly live show

    Truly Live - Planning Services


    Add on

    Additional audience connectivity and revenue stream to a pre existing concert.




    Concert build from the ground up to achieve audience connectivity and revenue stream.



    Artist Management

    Take control of the show the way you want it to a bigger audience. What you offer and when - it’s your choice.




    Step by step support on Truly Live streaming. Get started with our simple plug and play software in no time.



    Experience Diary Planning

    The creation of the experience timeline for your fans from the moment they purchase a ticket.



    IT Support

    From beginner to expert we are here to help bring your Truly Live show to fans.


    feeling stumped ?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We've answered the mostly commonly asked questions from previous events

    How do I access the ticket?

    Once you have purchased a ticket we will send you a confirmation email, this will contain the details of the event, how to access it and support information should you need it.

    Who answers the message (help) section?

    Our inhouse team of experts are here to help! We won’t bombard with technical jargon we will talk you through the process in an easy to understand, step by step manner

    How fast will an answer be provided after an assumed holding answer?

    Leading up to an event we reply to support messages within 24 hours, if the issue arises during an even we have extra staff manning the desks/keyboards to provide rapid assistance.

    How will I know what the Truly Live Diary will be?

    With each ticket purchase we will send a complete listing of the events relating to that purchase, be it interviews, backstage updates or behind the scenes footage. We will also send you an SMS and email reminder before each event to ensure you don't miss any of fun! As an event evolves there can be last minute additions and features for Truly Live audiences, this could be a last minute giveaway, interview or green room hangout!

    How much of the Truly Live Diary be shown to me before other additions are provided?

    The key timeline for each event will be shown although it’s not unheard of for us to add things along the way, we like to keep things exciting …

    How will I be told what to do to a) attend b) participate in the diary, especially if it changes?

    All instructions for attending any part of the event relating to your ticket will initially be sent in an email and then in any SMS or email reminders. You can also view and access all events by logging into your account on our website.

    What do I have do to participate in the Truly Live Diary in terms of communication ?

    You can submit a question before the event by clicking the ‘Sumbit a question’ link in any of corresponding emails/SMS or by logging into your account on our website.

    I am very interested in a silent auction, how do I participate, presumably though the Truly Live event website once I have bought an event ticket from Truly Live?

    Correct! There will be a button on the screen that will enable you to access the silent auction as it happens. If you want to check out the items before the event check the ‘Silent Auction’ link in any of corresponding emails/SMS or by logging into your account on our website.

    When does the auction have its final hammer date?

    Each auction has it’s own final hammer time, this tends to be 15 minutes after the final note of the concert although be sure to check the auction link that corresponds to your event.

    Are there additional costs to the hammer price, eg packing & postage ?

    All costs will be clearly displayed within the auction process, whilst we do our utmost to avoid any hidden costs be sure to check the auction details to avoid any surprises!

    I thought that Truly Live would have a) competitions b) a raffle. Great. How do I buy a ticket for that raffle and when do I know if I have won?

    Many of events will have these as features, be sure to check the diary for the event which will link you to all relevant items and activities. Details of which will also be available on your Truly Live account and via corresponding emails/SMS

    Who will anchor the Diary organization and who will anchor it on screen?

    We have our own fantastic team of hosts who share the anchor role with members of the venue and artists teams.

    Can I complete a satisfaction questionnaire too? Where is it and what does it ask?

    Of course! Customer feedback is incredibly important to us in order for us to continue to adapt and develop our service, please take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire - we will send this after the event.

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